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Plumbers Medford Oregon

AMPS is one of the best plumbers in Medford. The office resides in the corner of Medford, Central Point and White City. This helps our team get to most of the Rogue Valley quickly and efficiently and helps our customers with fast responsive serevice.


Master Plumbers for Medford, Ashland, Jacksonville, Eagle Point, Grants Pass, White City, Central Point , Gold Hill, Rogue River and all the surrounding areas.

Plumbing Contractor Southern Oregon

AMPS works with construction companies throughout Southern Oregon and beyond. Trust AMPS to do the job right with their over 45 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Schedule an appointment and discuss your plumbing needs. AMPS, with its years of knowledge and highly experienced  team members can do any job, large or small. Get your project scheduled today!


Plumbers near me residential or for your commercial project? AMPS is closer than you might think. With a large team that lives throughout the Rogue Valley, AMPS can cover a lot of areas. Call and see when a member of our team can service your needs.

Water Heaters

The next time you need a new water heater or are in need of water heater services go with a company with over 45 years experience. AMPS has been working for major contractors and other building firms for many years. Go with the company the big guys trust.

AMPS can help you with a tankless or traditional tank models along with gas, oil and electric powered water heaters.


Service Plumbers in Medford, and serving Southern Oregon. Get plumbers with all the right stuff. To help our plumbers, we try to keep their trucks stocked with most of the most fittings. Having properly stocked trucks help our customers with unneeded extra trips and also helps team members finish your job and get to the next one.


Land clearing services to trenching is available through AMPS. Site prep for a new home, earth moving for a new pool or septic tank. No matter how much dirt needs to be moved, you can get quality service from a respected contractor.

AMPS has the equipment to do just about any excavation job. Call and find out what AMPS can do for you.


Plumbers Medford, Ashland, Jacksonville, Eagle Point, Grants Pass, and surrounding area.

These guys are pretty good at what they do. Talk to John, he’s the guy you want.
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David Aube

Fixed a blocked main drain!
Google 5 Star
William Hart
Great company awesome service! Clean respectful knowledgeable employees. Local business, support this business.
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Phillip Dwyer

Plumbers- When You Need One

  • You have a leak in your home, but you don’t know where it is coming from.
  • You have checked several faucets and not getting any water.
  • Your hot water isn’t working.
  • If your water pressure changes dramatically
  • You have plugged drains.
  • You have water appearing on your bathroom floor around your toilet.
  • Your faucets won’t stop dripping.
  • Your toilet keeps overflowing.
  • Water is gurgling up from your drains.
  • You see a pipe that is broken.
  • You’re upgrading your toilet.
  • Upgrading faucets.
  • You’re installing a new dishwasher.
  • Hooking up water on your refrigerator.
  • Replacing your garbage disposal.
  • It smells like sewage in or around your home.

Licensed, bonded and insured! With an expert staff and competitive prices, you will keep coming back for all your residential or commercial construction needs! Call AMPS today!